Selecting a new look for your home can be as exciting process to express
your personal style. At Sherle Wagner, you can take pleasure in choosing
exquisite elements that will help you complete the ultimate luxury bathroom.


Sherle Wagner offers an extraordinary range of collections from which to select superb hardware and bath furnishings that align with your personal taste. Styles extend from the ornate and classical to the sleek and contemporary. Finishes in precious metals such as gold and platinum, or semi-precious stones such as malachite and amethyst, complete the gleaming, jewel-like quality of your selections.

Handcrafted in the United States by finely skilled artisans, each element from our diverse collections is characterized by glorious design, fine detail and meticulous finishing.

This is only a small selection of all of our collections. To learn more about other available collections, please give us a call to schedule a meeting at your convenience 1 - (212) 758-3300 or order our full printed catalog here.